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Time Pilot ’84 overlays update

For those arcade collectors who followed a couple of my posts on the contract job I got to reproduce the control panel artwork for Time Pilot ’84, I wanted to give you a quick update on where that stands. (more…)

A Road Blasters cabinet that doubled as a shop sponge

I’ve been swamped, with a major project that takes 12-14 hours on average every day of the week. I hope to turn a corner on that soon. Now that summer is here, it appears that some arcade movement has started – that first movement might be more of a body shaking shutter, but every other game looks uphill from here. (more…)

That wacky boxing glove frog makes another appearance

In late 2008 I shared some photos of a Maze Man cocktail arcade game. One of many Pac-man bootlegs or knockoffs, I never guessed that they would have also made an upright machine as well. Check out the photo after the jump. (more…)