Time Pilot ’84 overlays update

For those arcade collectors who followed a couple of my posts on the contract job I got to reproduce the control panel artwork for Time Pilot ’84, I wanted to give you a quick update on where that stands.

Time Pilot ’84 Solvent Inkjet Overlays

I sent out a disc of the Time Pilot ’84 artwork on the last full week of March with the original panel, and Rich Lint got it soon after. Due to the fact that this is a digital print, there was a testing process to try to as best as possible replicate the original colors and original material. Last I heard, that was supposed to be finished as early as the beginning of the second week of April (2010). We should have an update soon.

Customized overlay artwork for your panel

On that disc, I sent two copies of the Time Pilot overlay artwork. One that was the original, and one that is modified. In the modified case, we made a custom piece that moved the Yellow burst up a little bit, and the major spaceship up significantly. We measured to try to get those two pieces on that front bend so that they are visible when applied to this particular conversion panel.

I am assuming ThisOldGame will offer the Time Pilot artwork to all, and hopefully that artwork can be modified to best meld with your panel. It is my understanding that there were several available game kits for the ’84 artwork, so the placement of elements could be different depending on the panel. If you are interested in a custom Time Pilot ’84 overlay, drop me a line and we’ll make it happen.

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