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How much is a working Tugboat PCB worth?

Tugboat? Ever heard of that game? If you haven’t heard of Moppets, then probably not. Its a rare piece for sure and I am curious to hear what you all think the value would be for this PCB. (more…)

Biggest Cinematronics Arcade Game Collection – Downsized

Last month there was a post on RGVAC from Rich Potts, who owned one of the biggest (if not THE largest) collection of Cinematronics games. He is selling off a chunk of his collection, 15 Cinematronics games in total – but that isn’t everything. Can you guess how many he had in all? (more…)

Bazooka trumps sniper rifle

Any day of the week, at least in my mind. Ever seen an arcade game with a Bazooka for the control? Consider yourself edu-macated. (more…)

Picked up a new pinball from Spain.

Just drove right over, 80 hours one way, car is still a little water logged. All in a day’s work to pick up a New World pinball by Playmatic. (more…)