Picked up a new pinball from Spain.

Just drove right over, 80 hours one way, car is still a little water logged. All in a day’s work to pick up a New World pinball by Playmatic.

Playmatic pinball machines – Unique playfields

When I picked up this used pinball machine here in Indianapolis earlier this week, I was flabbergasted by the condition. The playfield had very little wear, which is uncommon for an EM machine from 1976. Come to find out, Playmatic coated the playfields with a plastic; its rare you’ll ever find one of these with significant wear, but still…

New World Pinball MachineNew World Pinball Lit UpNew World Pinball Playfield

The rest of the New World is in great condition too, no spider veining on the backglass, no gouges in the cabinet – none of the common wear you see. The game powers up just fine, but the plunger is sloppy and the right plastic flipper is missing. If anyone has a good source for buying parts beyond rubbers and light bulbs for this machine, or know of other pinball machine parts that are swappable, drop a comment below.

Cheap used pinball, soon to be for sale

The only ‘pinball’ machine I have in my collection here in Indianapolis is a Hyperball, which is just a phenomenal game for parties. For an EM machine, the artwork on this game is quite appealing. I think that is the patriotic spirit in me speaking.

Realistically, I don’t intend to keep this game long term so if you are looking to pick up a used pinball machine for your game room in Indiana, drop me a line. I am up for interesting trades, it will need very little work, otherwise this pinball will be up on the for sale page soon enough. If you have a pinball machine sitting around taking up space in your Indiana garage, also send me a message and we can work something out.

Update – 5.22.10 I sold this Playmatic pinball machine to a fellow in Rockford Illinois, so it is no longer for sale.

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Hey Jeff too funny I picked up one of these myself out here about a month ago.
and yeah playfield is in great shape, missing the top square bumper caps something else you dont see everyday.

Though I plan to strip this and retheme it so if you need any plastics Ill be changing or upgrading there yors

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I need the right flipper at least if you don’t plan to keep that. Are you going to use the plunger?

I’ll email you a photo of what is missing from the underside of the playfield….

What are you re-theming this into?

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Say it isn’t so… you are going to shed the Hyperball?
We all enjoyed playing that when we were down.

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If someone offered me something in trade I really wanted, or offered fair money for it I’d probably sell it off. But it is fun when guests are around.

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lmao cool stuff dude.

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Hi guys. I have been reading your entries over time. I have bought a playmatic New world some time ago and have been doing it up a bid. the machine had been home for a few hundered mice and had been left in the rain a few times. In my enthusiasm I also cleaned the rotordisc computer, looks a bid like the enigma computer only more complicated. Please please please can anyone give me the right disc settings before I go mad. I’m located in Australia WA and there are not manny pinball owners that have this game here. Thanks for your time.
Kind regards,
Marcel timmers.

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Get with Rich at This Old Game. If he has time to donate, I am sure he can supply you with information / parts if needed. If you look at the earlier comments, he has one.

Mine is now sold, I’ll post on it here shortly.

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