Localarcade.com to rise from the ashes?

It’s been over a year since the localarcade.com website went offline and the owner of the site has not been forthcoming about what the future held. Today it would seem that localarcade relaunched at a brand new domain name. Or did it?

Localarcade.com Screenshot

Localarcade.com is now – Arcadeartlibrary.com

Let me back up a little bit for those that might not know what ‘Localarcade’ was. Localarcade was a community website for sharing vector, raster, and raw scanned arcade artwork that could be used to generate reproduction artwork to restore arcade games.

The participation on the site was poor and very few people actually used the platform’s rating system, and for that reason it was hard to vette the quality and accuracy of the artwork. I did a comparison post showing the Pac-man sideart inaccuracies. But, the site was great to get vector artwork to generate secondary artwork, or at least to use as a base to generate accurate artwork for print.

Localarcade was always a strange name for me, arcadeartlibrary.com is a better, keyword rich domain name in my opinion. Sir Woogie, who runs the site, posted that it was online in a sort of ‘beta’ form. However, the URL isn’t pulling up for me.

As we wait and hope for that artwork to come back online at arcadeartlibrary.com, you can always access all of the files originally at localarcade.com at Zorg’s arcade artwork mirror (VectorLib).

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Yeh, been following this as well. As BYOAC was my home back in the mid 2000’s, the AAL was part of the community, with Mahuti having a big part in the organisation. Plus seeing stuff on AAL got me into the whole artwork resto side of things. Pity it went t%^ts up! And yes, some of the artwork was pretty inaccurate, some of my early vector projects included (which i have now corrected:))

Not everything on AAL is up at Zorgs, most though. There was some good raster stuff on there that still hadn’t been cleaned up or traced. Mind you.. i think most of that raster stuff is up at http://www.arcadecollecting.com/caga/ .. Can’t believe this place is still going!!!

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Thanks for the blog post. Yes, the AAL was a bit hit or miss for the past few months. The domain registrar I had kept me in limbo, and eventually I gave up the fight for the original domain. It appears someone latched on the localarcade.com domain for a bunch of spam, so I decided to just scrap that domain and get something more appropriate (which I see you agree with). Once I had gotten all of this online, my dedicated server decided to throw up the white flag and die.

I’ve moved this to a different host that should be much more stable as well as provide faster response. I may not have many additional features or rework of the site for some time, but I do intend to keep it going and make it as reliable as I can.

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@Sirwoogie: – Good to hear from you, you’ve been relatively silent for a website that so many collectors love – or maybe rely on without properly thank you for making those resources available online.

It really is too bad that the old domain is ridden with spam, the link profile for that domain is significant and could have really catapulted a re-launch.

Do you plan to use a different system this time around for accessing the artwork? I don’t recall the name of the old one…

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Still having issues unfort. Can’t login under my old account and can’t sign up for a new one. Doesn’t send any activation emails. I recall this same issue a few years ago. All my old artwork is also listed as ‘Guest’. Mind you .. most of that artwork has been fully updated and corrected since the website was last operating. My updated files are up at Zorgs site.

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Yes the domain name is ideal! Would be nice to create a wordpress or another arcade gaming script instead a forum…

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I had not been back to the site since last Sept. I see that it is online again and appears to be working. Spriggy, are you still not able to login to the new arcadeartlibrary site?

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