Donkey Kong Deal in Indy

Strangely enough, fully working Donkey Kong arcade games don’t seem to surface all that often here in Indianapolis. Just over a week ago one popped up at a garage sale up in Nora and I was first in line to get it.

Donkey Kong Bargin – For someone else

The Craigslist ad didn’t have a phone number which meant there was an opportunity for me. I found the number and gave a call. It sounded as though both sides had sideart and the game still worked, and they were asking $200 for it. Anyone who wants a Donkey Kong arcade for their collection, $200 is a solid deal.

I was up on the northside all day on Friday, but I made a second trip back up to check out the Donkey Kong later that evening with the truck.

Donkey Kong Arcade - Photo 1

A pretty nice looking machine! You can see the one side had a scrape but overall the sideart was in good condition. The monitor had some issues that could be solved by a $25 cap kit. Beyond that, solid looking cabinet, no scratches on the plexi and the cpanel plexi seems to be in decent condition as well.

Donkey Kong Arcade - Photo 2Donkey Kong Arcade - Photo 3

Sounds like the couple had purchased this cabinet in hopes of starting a home arcade and Donkey Kong was the first piece. But that never came to be.

In the end, I passed on the game. It wasn’t something I wanted for my collection which means I would buy it to trade.

Did you buy the Donkey Kong?

Drop me a note. I’d be curious to hear who got it. I hope it was someone who actually wanted it and loves DK.

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Hi Jeff. Why did you not buy it? You were there before me. I had a friend and his wife pick it up for me. The seller must have inferred that it was for them. It is pretty nice. It needed the monitor capped, a wire recconected on the speaker. The sound amp board rebuilt. (bad hum) I also put some NOS side art on it. It looks really nice and plays well now. $200 was a smokin’ deal. Aaron

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@7146aaron: I hope you are able to re-sell it and make a chunk of change. I figured you probably picked it up.

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Frak.. I stopped by the garage sale at 10am Saturday morning but it was already gone.

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@Madoc Owain: When I arrived Friday night she had already had a ton of inquiries via email….

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Good to see some fellow retro gamers keepin’ at it in good ol’ Naptown!

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A few, but just a few. No one is buying games, you have to be really passionate about arcades to keep in the scene here in Indy.

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S***, almighty. I’m not collecting cabs, but for that I would’ve bought it to keep. At least for a bit. So strange to hear words like ‘don’t want a DK for my collection’…..

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I’m constantly just a few minutes behing a great deal on a donkey kong arcade. I missed a cocktail for 200 about a week ago. I’m really looking for a stand up but will take a cocktail if the price is right. I live in Indianapolis and if anyone is selling please let me know.

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