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Space Invaders decorative tiles to push your gameroom over the edge

Once you’ve hit the capacity on your gameroom, and your collection is set, one of the most engaging ways to stay involved in the collecting hobby is to start pimping out the home arcade with slick decorations. These specially cut metal tiles are just the cure, and cheap!

Space Invaders Ceiling Tiles


The I, Robot hookup in New York

Every once in awhile I get a really interesting email through my website. In October I got an email from a guy in New York that was looking to sell an old Atari arcade game that had sat in his basement for 15 years. The game? Just a little ol’ I, Robot. (more…)

Seen this Zaccaria Mr. Do! before?

Dan from arcadeflyers.com emailed me the other day, because he knows I am a Mr. Do! fanatic. He just came across a new licensed Mr. Do! flyer, this one to Associated Lesiure Sales Limited out of the UK. Only, its in a generic Zacarria cabinet… (more…)

“Kong Me Baby” – Free Donkey Kong WordPress Theme

After such a positive response to my Atari Command WordPress theme I thought it was about time to make a second arcade themed design, free for download. This time around, its a Donkey Kong WordPress theme, rich with features to use with the new WordPress 3.xx (more…)