Space Invaders decorative tiles to push your gameroom over the edge

Once you’ve hit the capacity on your gameroom, and your collection is set, one of the most engaging ways to stay involved in the collecting hobby is to start pimping out the home arcade with slick decorations. These specially cut metal tiles are just the cure, and cheap!

Space Invaders Ceiling Tiles

Arcade decorations for your drop ceiling

The ceiling of an arcade usually sees one of a couple of treatments – painted artwork, stenciled or by hand, mounted arcade marquees or it is just used to hang other memorabilia. In rebuilding his own gameroom, Brian in Minnesota whipped up the above Space Invaders tiles using some old composite aluminum.

How are those 8″ x 10″ tiles mounted? With industrial strength double sided tape. Ouch! There needs to be a better mounting system, but seeing the colored spectrum of reflections from all of the games is inspiring. Many ideas come to mind.

One idea proposed was finishing those tiles with some black light paint to give them some character other than silhouettes in a dark gameroom.

Brian let me know that he is currently selling these tiles for $1 a pop plus shipping. There is no minimum order, but the available colors are limited to what scrap is left over. This will give you an idea on total cost;

  • Up to 8 Invaders – $8 Flat rate envolope Priority
  • Up to 16 Invaders – $12 Flat rate box Priority
  • Up to 32 Invaders – $15 Flat rate box Priority

Other ideas for these decorative gameroom tiles

What if these tiles were made out of a lighter material? What if they were just sheets of diffused poly that were then backlit? Mounting a lighter material would be much easier.

Or what if the ceiling tiles were the diffused, translucent panels and not the fiberous material. You could have a whole lighting system in the ceiling, and you could easily take the cutouts with you if you ever moved instead of a fixed solution.

Would you do the metal arcade characters? If so, how would you mount them? If you didn’t, what ideas did this treatment inspire?

Leave a comment if you want to purchase a set, I can supply Brian’s email to serious inquiries. If / when Brian launches a website and starts to sell these metal arcade tiles online, I’ll update this post with a link to his shop.

Jan. 16th, 2011 – Post updated up additional information. Color options for the tiles listed below.

  • Metallic Optimum Mica Platinum Titanium (Long name for a Metallic silver variant)
  • Metallic light Copper Bronze
  • Metallic Champagne (Lighter bronze / silver)
  • Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Pewter (Silver variant, similar to metallic silver but darker)
  • Peru Bronze (Dark brown, listed as ‘metallic’)
  • Bone White
  • Deep Blue
  • Standard Red
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I saw these and have contacted him about getting a handful of them. As far as hanging them? I was wondering myself. 24×24″ tiles are fairly inexpensive so I thought about grabbing 6-8 “cheap” tiles from Home Depot / Lowe’s, painting them flat black (or possibly primary colors) then mounting them with the industrial double faced tape like he’s suggesting (storing my good tiles. The other thought was to just get the metal hooks that connect to my ceiling tile grid with hanger wire.

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The invaders are made of fairly lightweight material. According to my shipping scale, my four weigh 1.25 lbs. That’s roughly 5 ounces each (very roughly since this isn’t the best scale for this low amount of weight). They aren’t going to take a massively strong mounting to stay attached.

Mind you, I wouldn’t want one falling on my head but that’s more due to the sharp corners than the weight.

The little critters are 8″ high by 10″ wide and less than 3/16″ thick.

If I can find a way to hide the wires without a lot of work, I’m considering backlighting mine with LED’s when I hang them on the wall (near my cocktail Space Invaders machine).

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@BigO: Thanks for the insight into the weight. When you get those Space Invaders tiles backlit, send a photo.

Do you have plans to paint them?

User Gravatar

the first ones are ready …. time to update ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I ordered 8 to randomly install in my game room. Just too affordable to ignore.

Stay tuned!!!

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@Bill Jr.: Did you buy the SI tiles? Or did he cut something else?

User Gravatar

Depending on how subtle I decide I want the overall display to be, I may paint one side the same as my wall color. But, the ones I got are a really nice, bright, brushed metal finish so I’ll probably leave them as they are.

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@ Jeff – I ordered SI tiles and will consider getting some pac ones when they become available.

User Gravatar

Interested in buying some – please pass my details on! Thanks!

User Gravatar

Jane, I sent your information along. Brian will reach out to you soon.

User Gravatar

He’s doing a run of Berzerk sprites soon!!!

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Jeff, this is right in line with what I want to do in my game room. Please email me or pass my address to the seller.

User Gravatar

Stephen ยป I sent along your email to Brian, I would expect him to reach out shortly.

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how do I order these?! I have to have them for my office’s 80s party! so cooooool!

User Gravatar

Does he still sell these? I’m turning my garage into an arcade and these would be great.

User Gravatar

@Adam & @Julia – I sent Brian an email with your contact information, to let him know that you are interested. Julia, I apologize for the delay, hopefully you are still interested.

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These are just what I have been looking for. Are they still being made?

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