Catch Tron Legacy IMAX & play some original Tron

28 years later, Tron Legacy is ripping up the silver screen with its $200 million+ budget and its dazzling special effects. The movie is a reminder of how cutting edge of an idea the original Tron was back in 1982 and the greatness of the original Tron game by Midway. You can get that little nostalgia fix here locally in Indianapolis, just head down town and bring a quarter.

Play an original Tron arcade game at the Indiana State Museum

Tron is one of the few arcade games that continues to hold its value. If you tried to purchase a working Tron arcade game right now, you’d find a price tag of over $1,000. A collecting friend in Minnesota sold a pristine Tron on eBay in early December for $2,200! Why not get your fix while you can for just a quarter downtown at the Indy State Museum.

Indiana State Museum

Once you walk in the doors, head downstairs and to the back side of the stairs. The Tron cabinet is just outside the entrance to the IMAX theater, and you can walk up and enjoy a game or two without having to pay for admission to another exhibit.

Tron Legacy PropTron Legacy IMAX - Arcade GameTron Arcade Game at Indiana State Museum

Other Tron Arcade Games in Indianapolis / Other Cities?

Who else went to see Tron Legacy and there was an original arcade game to play? What other special promotions or memorabilia were brought in to celebrate the release of the movie in your town? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear.

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I saw it on an IMAX screen here in San Diego (Edwards Mira Mesa to be exact). There was no Tron arcade.

The 3D was very nice, I even felt like it had more depth than Avatar had. But then again, Avatar was in a forrest while Tron was in a computer generated world with lots of straight lines. Plus I didn’t see Avatar on an IMAX screen, perhaps the size has something to do with that.

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I saw the movie at the State Museum IMAX opening weekend and completely missed the cabinet!

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