Another Turbo Sub Surfaces

Damon Claussen is a rock star collector – he’s got a tremendous collection that includes a Cliff Hanger, Cloak & Dagger, Us vs. Them and, although not super valuable off the charts fun Snow Bros. In July of 2009 he picked up a piece of arcade history, and yesterday he shared a video showing the gameplay. If you haven’t heard of Turbo Sub, this YouTube video will blow your mind.

Cutting edge 1985 Graphics

I won’t rehash all of the great information and content that Chris at turbosub.com has compiled. From storyboards to photos of the original prototype with the creators, the site is rich in information about Entertainment Sciences and catalogs his work to track down the creators of the two ES games.

Admittedly, the timing of this Turbo Sub gameplay is interesting for me. Tomorrow I get to play this ES game in person, and I couldn’t be more excited now. Turbo Sub looks like it will be off the charts fun.

So Damon joins the ranks of Jason S., a guy in TX, Todd Bordelon and Kirby Gowland who own Turbo Subs. Jason says that Chris of www.turbosub.com doesn’t own one. Who else?

If you own a Turbo Sub and want to share your acquisition story I’d love to spotlight it here. The IONPool page really has the best information collecting memories of folks who encountered ES games. Congrats to you Damon, thanks for sharing the photo and the video!

Turbo Sub Photo
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Woah! That does look fun!!

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So glad to see another one out there! Damon, yours looks like it needs some TLC. Let me know how to contact you and I’ll gladly send you NOS parts for it. I have loads.


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Todd B ยป Not a lot of parts to go around I’m sure, thanks for dropping by and making the offer for Damon. I’ll facilitate how I can.

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what a good post..keep it up

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Todd B, thanks for the offer for artwork. The game is a blast and I’d love to secure some replacement art for it… please contact me through my website hdcut.com or through Jeff (who has my email).

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