Jillian’s Billards Warehouse Auction in Louisville Kentucky

If you’re like me, you like the variety of broken arcade games that only Jillian’s can provide, you’re in luck. Turns out there is an auction going down in Louisville Kentucky. Mozy on down, before one of the Adkins brothers lifts a leg and marks the building ๐Ÿ˜‰

Arcade game auction in Louisville

Got an email today from Bid Assets that they are auctioning off a Jillian’s warehouse of coin operated equipment, fixtures and memorabilia on Oct. 18th (close of 6pm) in Louisville Kentucky. If you are interested in which modern games are going to be in the auction, here is a scrape of their listings page.

  1. Sega Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders Riding Arcade Game
  2. Midway Hydro Thunder H.T.R.A. Unlimited Jet Racing Arcade Game
  3. Sega Water Ski Standing Water Skiing Arcade Game
  4. Bromley Wheel ‘M In Ticket Game Damaged
  5. Wamco River Raft Arcade Game Damaged
  6. Sega Airlines Pilots Virtual Flight Simulation Seated Station Arcade Game
  7. Sega Yamaha Wave Runner Jet Trim Package Arcade Game
  8. Alpine Racer Standing Ski Arcade Game
  9. Basketball Video Game pieces missing
  10. Sega Bass Fishing Free Rod Action Arcade Game
  11. Sega Marine Fishing Free Casting Arcade Game
  12. Damaged Cobra Gem Arcade Game
  13. Gaeleco Rolling ex.tre.me Street Luge Seated Arcade Game
  14. The Original Screamer Seat of Terror by Nova Productions Arcade Game
  15. Pop A Ball II Arcade Game
  16. Namco Panic Park Arcade Game
  17. Fire Rescue Arcade Game
  18. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Game Sega Copyright 1998
  19. Dynamo LTD Arcade Monitor
  20. Arcade Token Machine by American Changer
  21. Pin Ball Machine Top Damaged and Damaged Baseball Game

Not my type of games, but at opening bids of $5.00 for this stuff, it might make for some good deals, especially if you are auction starved in Kentucky. The Star Wars Trilogy and some of the Dynamo cabinets (for the monitors) caught my eye if they can be had for cheap.

Empty Broken Dynamo Arcade CabinetStar Wars Trilogy Arcade Game

There is a preview the day before, but everything is online, so don’t show up to Lytle Street unless you plan to do some people watchin’, beer in hand.

For me, its just deeply satisfying to see that these broken down games will be released back out into the wild. One watersoaked pinball machine, ahht ahht ahht ahht.

Water damaged pinballs machines outside
Jillian’s Pinballs – Right before they went on location

For more information visit Bid Assets.

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Thanks for the heads up on this auction. I’ll have to get on Bid Assets mailing list, as I had no idea this was happening so close to home.

We are auction-starved in Louisville, so the turnout for this might be good. They aren’t my type of games either, but you are right that it is good to see the games get back into public hands rather than sit for years or be demolished.

The Louisville Jillian’s location that these (likely) came from shut down at least six or seven years ago, so some of these games – if not all – have likely been on ice for quite some time.

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Whitney Roberts ยป If you go, keep me posted on the final auction prices.

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do you still have for sale:

Sega Airlines Pilots Virtual Flight Simulation Seated Station Arcade Game ?

thanks for your prompt reply.
Best regards

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