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Atari could have revolutionized social gaming in 1981

In late 1981 Atari conducted a ‘World Championship’ event at the Expocenter in Chicago. If you aren’t familiar with the history of this event, a quick Google search will turn up a number of items online. This article is probably the best.

Rife with mismanagement, shady dealings and lost profits, the championship event is widely considered to be a colossal failure – not ET Atari 2600 bad, more like Pac-man bad.

But why did this event flop so hard? Atari was part of Warner Communications – a tremendous distribution asset. They had Lee Peppard, who would appear to have had some cursory success in event promotion. They had a number of things working in their favor, including the brand recognition and consumer base.

There is at least one key area where Lee Peppard / Atari obviously failed… (more…)

Artwork options for designing your multi-deco

As of this writing, it is my understanding that a small new batch of multi-deco kits are in development from Dave Widel. For those of you lucky to be on the list to get one of Dave’s awesome kits, you might be thinking about the right DECO cabinet and possibly even artwork. Here are some options. (more…)