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One of the coolest classic Japanese imports from Taito

The best arcade cabinets were from the late 70’s to very early 80’s across the board. From Atari to Midway, to Universal and Sega there are a ton of cabinets that were decked out head to toe in full artwork, colors blazing. Taito was also in the mix, possibly on a smaller scale as the majority of the games were developed in Japan and imported to the US. This week, I managed to snag a classic Taito that I first fell in love with 4 years ago, funny enough, through a warehouse raid that took place in Belgium.

Taito Space Chaser Detail


Oh baby! A rare find in Chicagoland

Last August (2012) I got an email from an individual in Chicago looking to sell three Pac-man arcade games. I love Pac-man, I have two Pac family games in my collection currently. The list was a Ms. Pac-man cocktail, a Jr. Pac-man conversion and a Baby Pac-man. The seller was nice enough to take and send some photos. One of the photos in particular caught my eye…

Baby Pac-man Prototype Detail