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Warrior – Converted into a Donkey Kong. Oy.

There just aren’t enough Warriors to go around, and sadly, it would appear as though there is one less. Here are some photos of a hideous Warrior cabinet converted to a Donkey Kong. (more…)

What is this Train / Locomotive Bootleg game?

I’ve already spent way too much of time my holiday time off doing arcade research. One area of research – Trying to identify the game of another white, illustrated artwork bootleg cabinet. This makes 4 distinct cabinets I’ve seen – check it out.

Railroad arcade game - Illustrated artwork


Maybe there were two versions of a dedicated Mr. Do!

For seven years I’ve been writing about a weird Mr. Do! cabinet, a white cabinet with illustrated artwork. There have been a number of cabinets with the same shape, and the artwork is similar, including a pink themed Ladybug. In Aug. 2009, I had an indication that this style of cabinet was licensed and product by Tehkan.

Today, I have a different theory – with some new photo insights. (more…)