Warrior – Converted into a Donkey Kong. Oy.

There just aren’t enough Warriors to go around, and sadly, it would appear as though there is one less. Here are some photos of a hideous Warrior cabinet converted to a Donkey Kong.

What is an empty Warrior cabinet worth?

Here are the photos of the ugly Donkey Kong that was found summer of 2012 in Frederick, MD.

Warrior Conversion to Donkey Kong photo 1Warrior Conversion to Donkey Kong photo 2

The owner can see the Warrior sideart still underneath the black paint, but there are no other parts / remnants of the game inside the cabinet.

Too bad. This Vectorbeam cabinet is probably worth about $125 empty by itself.

Ever found a worse conversion of a Warrior? Post a comment below. Or, if you have one of these arcade games for sale, drop me a line. Its a great classic game that I would love to have in my collection.

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I am curious what became of this cabinet. I have been looking for pictures of the inside of this cabinet for a rebuild of this game. Any information is greatly appreciated.

dino.manzella (at) gmail

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Hello there,

I know its a bit late, but I’m the person who found this cabinet. I have been thinking about it because it’d be really nice to find a complete Warrior to play.

It was sold to a KLOV member who had the intent of restoration, so it went to a good home.

I unfortunately didn’t take any interior pics of the cabinet. I’d share them if I could.

In any case, I share the sentiment expressed here. This cabinet being converted to a crappy donkey-kong knockoff is sacrilege. Any Warrior conversion is the worst.


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