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Is this mysterious mark the Glak Associates logo?

To date, four fully illustrated white bootleg arcade games have surfaced – Ladybug, Mr. Do!, Jungle Prowl and a Train themed game (Working guess D-Rail). When I picked up my Mr. Do! in 2009 I noticed a tiny logo on both sides of the cabinet that looked like an Eye nestled inside of a letter G. Finally, we now have a theory on the company that goes with that logo.

Magic Electronics Logo


The little known history of Eagle Conversions Inc.

Lately I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on those little arcade companies in the 80’s, and how they managed to do business. It was in that process that I got exposure to a company by the name of Eagle Conversions Inc. I was surprised that some simple searches in the common places turn up little to nothing about them. One mention of Eagle Conversions on a set of The Glob instructions and a little bit of research led me to find a possible connection to Magic Electronics.

The Glob Sideart Snapshot


What is a Bootleg Pac-man worth?

Pac-man was one of the most popular arcade games of all time, and a game that consistently made money in its heyday. Where there is money to be made, there are bootleggers. How do you tell if you own a bootleg Pac-man? If you were to sell the machine, how much would it be worth? This post will start to answer some of those questions. (more…)