Beautiful restored Track & Field Cocktail

In Sept. I was fortunate enough to pick up a small group of arcade games that included a Track & Field cocktail. For the majority of its life, this game has been in Indiana. Originally, the Track & Field was in an arcade in Lafayette IN, and the previous owner purchased it once it came off the floor keeping it in his own arcade for the last 20 years.

The game will be staying here in Indiana, here are some photos showing the excellent restoration work from the new owner.

Track & Field gets a makeover

The last owner, Don, had taken great care of the Track & Field. I’ve only had the opportunity to play a Track & Field a couple of times, and I don’t believe I’d yet gotten the chance to try out a cocktail.

4 Arcade Games - Track & Field, Tempest, Goalee

Overall the game was in great shape – but was showing wear in a couple of places. Its common to see wear on the panel overlays, this machine had significant wear on the one side and lesser wear on the other. Other than some mild surface rust the panels were the largest areas that could have used some attention cosmetically.

Track Field Control Panel - Photo 2Track Field Control Panel - Photo 1Track & Field - Bottom - Original

Dan in Fishers is a big fan of Track & Field, and had been looking for a cocktail. We were able to work out a deal, and within a couple of weeks he had messaged me with a couple photos showing off how the game looks today. Check out these photos.

The first things that should catch your eye is that both control panels have brand new overlays, nice!

Track & Field Cocktail Restoration - Photo 1Track & Field Cocktail Restoration - Photo 2Track & Field Cocktail Restoration - Photo 3

One the bottom, the panel on the one side was falling off and the leg levelers on both sides were either missing or were completely rusted. Dan fixed that right up, and refurbished the Centuri nameplate.

Track & Field Cocktail Restoration - BottomTrack & Field Cocktail Restoration - Centuri Plate

I am a fan of the trend to change out tmolding with an appropriate accent color as a part of a full restoration. While not original, the blue tmolding increases the visual appeal of this game for a home gameroom.

Dan – you did a great job, thanks for sharing the photos!

It’s great to have this game in the hands of a collector who is passionate about the game, and will keep it here in Indiana for the foreseeable future.

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I love this machine, please contact me if you ever sell it.

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Wow that is awesome! Track & Field is such a great game and the cocktail version is so unique and cool!

Hoping you will do a write up on your UniWar S



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Hey there,

Am about to restore mine. What did you use on the sides? I can’t find anything even remotely close to the original.


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Sean Cooper ยป Do you mean the woodgrain for the sides of the cabinet? Or are you referring to something else?

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Hey Jeff,

Yeah, the woodgrain. FInding that 80s-style Oak is tough business.

I’m looking at either vinyl or laminate. Mine is currently badly painted vinyl, sadly.

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Great cabinet and a superb game. I played this when i travel from Germany to Italy in the early 80`s with my parents for holiday. In the near of the beach in Bibione and Jesolo was lots of arcade-halls in which i play alot when i was a child (i am born 1972). “Track & Field” always was one of the most competitive games, because all children asked themselves who is the one that can push the buttons in the fastest frequency. ๐Ÿ™‚ Always big fun this was. Later i played “Decathlon” alot on my Atari VCS-2600 and on my C64. Lots of joysticks was broken with this games and we had blisters on the hand from the 400-Meter run.

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