Mr. Do! licensed by Glak – Photos

If you’ve ever taken a look at Mr. Do! artwork, there are multiple versions of the marquee. One of those versions is yellow base / blue striped marquee with an illustrated Mr. Do! On one of the versions of this marquee, there is a notice about Glak’s license of Mr. Do! from Universal Co. Japan. Here are the photos.

Glak’s license of Mr. Do!

I have two different versions of this marquee, one where the instructions are printed on the yellow base of the marquee and one where the instructions are printed on red. My version with the red instruction section has the notice of Glak’s license of Mr. Do! from Universal, where this notice is omitted from my version with the yellow instruction section.

Here are the photos comparing the two, on the red version the notice appears in the lower right.

Glak Mr. Do Marquee - Red Instructions with license noticeGlak Mr. Do Marquee - Yellow Instructions

A thank you to Scott Bardelli for noticing this detail. Scott recently picked up a Glak Mr. Do! cabinet that is a unique item, it has the vinyl printed version of the artwork. I’ve only seen photos of this version of the cabinet on Klov, a pretty cool item. Congrats Scott.

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Interesting… The instruction card artwork appears to be based on the prototype version of the game (‘mrdoy’ in MAME), in which Mr. Do! was a snowman rather than a clown.

Nice find! Are there any more Glak- / Magic- / Omni-related items in the pipeline? Oddball and bootleg games are a particular interest of mine, and I’ve really been enjoying reading the bits of history you’ve been finding for them.

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Looking to buy a Mr do game

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