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“Cosmic Monsters II” in San Antonio, Texas

It’s always cool to see an upright Universal Cosmic Monsters here in the US, one surfaced last July in San Antonio TX after sitting in a storage unit for ~20 years. (more…)

What’s it worth? Atari Assault Boardset

Atari Assault is a blast, I’ve been researching lately into what it would cost to add one to the collection or worst case, piece one together. For readers who may be working on a restore, this is the first in hopefully a series of posts of recent auction data to gauge what parts to an Assault are worth. (more…)

Auction Results: Universal Cosmic Monsters Cocktail

I’m always keeping an eye out for Universal arcade games, and came across this auction for a Cosmic Monsters cocktail that ended this evening. As prices are always changing, a quick post this evening to share the results from that auction to help those looking to appraise their own machine. (more…)

Universal Magical Spot, with a nice midwest backstory

In August of 2017, a collector just outside of Cincinnati OH came across a complete Universal Magical Spot a couple of miles from his home. Here are some photos of the game and a little bit about its backstory. (more…)

Feeling Lucky! Picked up a Universal Galaxy Wars

I had some tremendous luck befall me the first week of December and picked up a complete, working Universal Galaxy Wars. Here’s the brief story of how the seller contacted me with a couple of photos. (more…)