Arcade Auctions

The value of Arcade Auctions

When I first started to research this hobby, before I knew that I would be sucked in so fully and completely, I looked at what games would commonly sell for. I wanted to be an aware buyer, and checking auction sites and eBay was a great way for me to do that.

I am lucky because I am located in Indianapolis, IN where, for many years, US Amusements has had arcade auctions at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds. A couple of times a year I can go and view for myself how much games sell for. But, my luck was even greater because I found an arcade website (Madoc’s Place) built by a local collector named Robert Spelman . Since 2002, Robert had attended the quarterly auctions, taken photos of the games, and noted the associated final sale prices.

This was tremendous. What a great resource, sales data for a 4 year time frame, which would show the flux in market value in different games and their popularity. Robert updates his site when he can, but you can never have too much data, so when he might miss something, I hopefully will have it here, and vice versa.

Adding more auction data to this page

There are a handful of guys who continue to post photos and prices of auctions from around the United States. If you attend an auction and get photos and want to share them, but don’t have a website and feel like your area is missing out on history arcade auction data, drop me a line and I can post them here and credit you as the owner.

Note: Robert mentions this on his website, and I will here as well because he may or may not have had an experience with this. I am in no way associated with US Amusements, and all information should be taken as my opinion, and my opinion only. I will not be held responsible in any way for anything that is printed on this website.