Arcade Auctions

Jillian’s Billards Warehouse Auction in Louisville Kentucky

If you’re like me, you like the variety of broken arcade games that only Jillian’s can provide, you’re in luck. Turns out there is an auction going down in Louisville Kentucky. Mozy on down, before one of the Adkins brothers lifts a leg and marks the building 😉 (more…)

C’est la vie – US Amusment Auctions closing up shop

For quite some time there has been talk that US Amusement Auctions was finished. I’ve heard from different sources, some more definitive than others, but it wasn’t until an email was sent out to the mailing list this week that it became 100% official.

R.I.P. US Amusements Auctions Indianapolis


Photos of Arcade and Pinball Games at St. Louis Super Auctions April 2009

Last night Pat C. headed out with Kent M. to the Super Auctions preview. Just like the Indianapolis USAmusment auctions, you can take a gander at the games as they come in before the auction actually begins on Saturday morning. Pickings were pretty sparse, but there are a handful of classics which include a Missile Command and a couple of other games that aren’t too common. (more…)

Photos of Arcade and Pinball Games at St. Louis Super Auctions Nov. 2008

It’s super late, and I need to be in bed. I got the 80 some photos from Pat and Chris in St. Louis for the Super Auction tomorrow. Looks to be a doozie, there are a ton of classic games the night prior, which means this could fill out even further tomorrow. There are also a ton of newer, modern pins that seem to be fairly popular. Guys on Klov are speculating that some of these items would have been at the Super Auction in Detroit had it not been canceled. (more…)

USAmusements Auction Video

Over the weekend at the fall USAmusements auction I took a little video showing a bit of the auction for those of you who aren’t familiar with how and arcade game auction works in Indianapolis. It’s short, and only shows the auctioneer selling some of the miscellaneous parts and coin-op equipment but gives you a little bit of an idea of the setting. (more…)

Fall Indianapolis USAmusements Auction October 2008

Overall I was generally impressed with the USAmusements arcade game auction that took place in Indianapolis last Saturday. There was about the same amount of classic arcade games, but in terms of volume I would say that there were about 20% more games than usual, and quite a few more pinballs. I got photos of just about everything, and prices for a handful of items. (more…)

Preparing for a USAmusements arcade game auction in Indianapolis

As the next arcade game auction here in Indianapolis approaches this Saturday, I have had a couple of questions come through about what to expect at the fairgrounds if you have never been before. Well, here are couple of things that may seem like common knowledge to most and may be talked about somewhere if you are willing to hunt for the information, but what fun is that? Let’s just talk about USAmusements right here. (more…)