Arcade Artwork

Artwork options for designing your multi-deco

As of this writing, it is my understanding that a small new batch of multi-deco kits are in development from Dave Widel. For those of you lucky to be on the list to get one of Dave’s awesome kits, you might be thinking about the right DECO cabinet and possibly even artwork. Here are some options. (more…)

Localarcade.com to rise from the ashes?

It’s been over a year since the localarcade.com website went offline and the owner of the site has not been forthcoming about what the future held. Today it would seem that localarcade relaunched at a brand new domain name. Or did it?

Localarcade.com Screenshot


Frenzy repro control panels – printed!

Chris M. always has the greatest attention to detail, and has been keeping in touch with the collectors who ordered a repro Frenzy control panel. Since May there have probably been at least 9 updates on snags, delays, and other bumps that Chris patiently navigated. Today was the payoff, the Frenzy panels are in Chicago and look awesome. (more…)

A Time Pilot 84 cabinet with new life

A few weeks ago I was excited to show the Time Pilot 84 overlays printed and ready for sale. Now this week I got photos a brand new overlay applied to a machine – it really pops. (more…)

Printed in all it’s purple glory

Started in February, and now finished in late May – Time Pilot ’84 control panel overlays are now available to restore you own machine. Take a look inside to see photos of the finished digital print from This Old Game. (more…)

Slow and steady builds the bomb factory

What do the first Transformers movie, a 2,100 year old melon, and Daimler minus Chrysler all have in common with a certain game named Agent X? They all happened, or started, in 2007. Sometimes, the best things are worth waiting for – let’s hope that is the case with this reproduction artwork. Today, we finally have a progress update. (more…)

Frenzy NOS Cpanel shipping to Oklahoma

The Frenzy reproduction control panels continue to move forward. In the last two weeks, I sent out the Pantone colors I matched to the printer. But to make absolutely sure that the colors are spot on, today the Frenzy panel is traveling via Fedex to Oklahoma. (more…)