Atari Dig Dug

Dig Dug cabaret CPOs have started printing

Remember the Dig Dug cabaret artwork that I worked on last September? This Old Game posted an update to let us know he has started printing that limited run of overlays. (more…)

Dig Dug Cabaret Control Panel Overlay Artwork

Here’s a pretty niche little reproduction project that is going to happen, a small run of Dig dug cabaret (mini) control panel overlays. My guess is that probably around 25 pieces will be made, and pre orders for the Dig Dug overlays have already begun – Dig Dug overlays at RGVACDig Dug overlays at Klov. Well, now the artwork is done so the artwork is in the hands of Rich Lint to make the prints actually happen.

Dig Dug Cabaret Photo with Centipede