Gunsmoke CPO artwork update – final

I’ve had a couple of people ask about the Gunsmoke CPO button artwork I vectored back in September of 2008 and what ever happened with that project. Here is the final update and what you should do if you want a set yourself. (more…)

Gunsmoke Sideart / Stickers Update

Brian Jones sent me image of the test print he did solely based off the file I did before the colors were matched or anything from the original NOS piece. I love seeing something I vectored in print. (more…)

Gunsmoke Control Panel Sticker Artwork

Gunsmoke isn’t a game that would have normally hit my radar, but over the past six months I had two different people inquiring about reproducing the sticker artwork for this Capcom game. A couple of weeks ago I finalized a deal with one of the interested parties and got to work on the artwork. Now it’s finished and the intention is for Brian Jones to print up some copies. Here is the artwork. (more…)