Tracing arcade game sideart to make stencils

Today at CoinOpSpace.com Rich at ThisOldGame.com posted a blog entry about how to trace an arcade cabinet with some vellum and then take that tracing to final vector artwork. He goes through the whole process and has even suggested that he would send vellum to interested collectors so that more pieces of artwork can be reproduced. (more…)

Stencils to restore your Stern Scramble arcade game

In case you missed it over at CoinOpSpace.com, Rich Lint posted on a thread that he used some vellum to hand trace his Scramble cabinet, has vectorized the artwork and is now doing some test prints to check artwork accuracy. Very soon, accurate Scramble stencils could be available. (more…)

Scramble Control Panel Artwork Finished

As I mentioned in my first post about the Scramble control panel artwork progress, this was a project that I started in May but got shelved because it was discovered that QuarterArcade.com still has a handful of these in stock from when Anthony bought out the remainder of Jason Fowler’s arcade artwork inventory.

Jason originally made reproductions of the Scramble control panel, screening the artwork directly onto the metal. However, finding mentions of Jason’s Scramble artwork from 2002-2003 are hard to come by, so I thought I would post my final progress on the artwork before we moved on. (more…)

Scramble Control Panel Repros

In the middle of April, a collector contacted me about a reproduction assignment involving control panels for Stern’s classic arcade game Scramble. You might say, “Didn’t Arcade Renovations already reproduce Scramble control panels?” They did. But he did some checking around and every indication told him that they hadn’t been done, so I just went with the flow. (more…)