Time Pilot 84

A Time Pilot 84 cabinet with new life

A few weeks ago I was excited to show the Time Pilot 84 overlays printed and ready for sale. Now this week I got photos a brand new overlay applied to a machine – it really pops. (more…)

Printed in all it’s purple glory

Started in February, and now finished in late May – Time Pilot ’84 control panel overlays are now available to restore you own machine. Take a look inside to see photos of the finished digital print from This Old Game. (more…)

Time Pilot ’84 overlay – update 2

For all of you still waiting to get a reproduction Time Pilot ’84 (inkjet) overlay for your arcade game, they are still in the works. (more…)

Time Pilot ’84 overlays update

For those arcade collectors who followed a couple of my posts on the contract job I got to reproduce the control panel artwork for Time Pilot ’84, I wanted to give you a quick update on where that stands. (more…)

Ever hand drawn 1200 dots…I mean stars?

I have now, apparently. The Time Pilot 84 control panel artwork has a pretty tremendous star field, and each star itself takes very little time to draw, in fact, I think it takes less time to trace all of the stars than to isolate and build a complete raster star layer. However, some of the stars will be raster and here’s why. (more…)

Scanning artwork – “Further into the unknown”, Dun Dun Dah…

A classic game, a sequel from Konami, and finally – control panel artwork for this classic has been scanned and in the near future should be available at least as an inkjet reproduction. (more…)