Bulk Buys

The tale of Two cabarets…and Two Shmups

This past month I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Janet and Greg concerning a small lot of four games they were looking to sell in preparation to list a home. It was a fun little transaction, it was fun to get to know Janet over the course of several weeks as we hauled the games out of the house. (more…)

18 Arcade Games in a trailer in Zionsville

Have you ever gone out and purchased an entire collection from another collector? Last fall I got an email from a gentleman in Zionsville – proposing such an idea. He had been consistently attending US Amusement auctions in the early 90’s and had amassed a great collection of classic games. I was excited, but cautious, one thing he told me caught my attention. The games were being stored in a trailer…

Watts Train Station


One Warehouse Raid – A Demon, Aztarac and Two Major Havocs

For the scanners out there, this story is not mine, and it is not recent. This is a story of a collector who has been doing this for 20+ years and has scored quite a few deals. This is just one of them, and it was more than just these four highly sought after arcade games. (more…)

New NOS artwork from QuarterArcade warehouse raid last year

QuarterArcade.com always has the goods. Last year Anthony uncovered a warehouse of games that most of us would have doubted still existed. In that warehouse were 40+ pinballs and 65+ arcade games, plus a ton of NOS artwork that sold for big bucks on eBay. Well, turns out there was a box of that NOS artwork leftover and Anthony listed it on eBay this week. (more…)

Small bulk arcade game parts haul

In the first week of July I was able to make some arrangements to pick up the arcade game remnants from a former operator here in Indianapolis. I had known about this lot of parts for about three years now so I’m glad to be able to start to get some of these parts out to collectors who need them.

Boxes of arcade game stuff and parts


How to identify this Nintendo VS. Game Board

There are two websites that are really great for identifying an unknown arcade game board (PCB), PCB photos at Xmission and the good old Crazy Kong website. I have a number of websites bookmarked as PCB identification resources, but these two are the best. (more…)

Indianapolis operators hate EM Pinball machines

Or so it would seem. When pinball and arcade machines were at their peak, operators view these games as money making machines, and nothing more. Once a game had made back it’s money and then some, the views were two fold – either the games were worthless, or the resale value of said games were just as much as the purchase price. Indianapolis operators were no different, and here is the urban legend of two houses full of EM pinball machines in the Indianapolis area that were bulldozed to the ground, with the pinballs still inside. (more…)