Arcade Merchandise

Nolan Bushnell & Sente – A promotional item from the ‘non-compete’

Owen Rubin emailed me at the end of April asking me about the value of a little Sente promotional item he unearthed in his garage. This led to a short, fun little story about the AMOA and Nolan’s non-compete clause. (more…)

Beware! My Pengo overlays have arrived

It has been a long project, about 14 months total, but my Pengo overlays arrived in the mail last Saturday, along with a couple of other little items. (more…)

Sinistar hungers for his own comic strip

You remember Sinistar, the sweet devil cat planet that taunts you as you play “Run Coward”, “I Hunger” and “Beware I Live”. Cut and comforting, I imagine the playing experience of Sinistar in the 80’s was similar to an experience I had playing Resident Evil at 2:12 am in a dark basement jacked up on Mellow Yellow. But who knew he could also be so…funny? Stephen Notley figured when compared to a PO’d daisy anything is funny and gave Sinistar his own book of comic strips.

Coffee with Sinistar Book


Sinistar shirt from Williams development team sold on ebay

A quick post today, this past week a Sinistar shirt sold on ebay for $25. What a grabbing headline right? Well, this shirt was one of 25-30 that were made in a limited run for the original Sinistar development team while they were still at Williams. That’s a little better. The shirt was worn, had some light discoloration, but the important thing is the story that came along with it. (more…)

New Arcade Keychains Designs

Brian finished some new arcade keychain designs, adding them to the existing Dig Dug, Zookeeper and Centipede. In the previous post I mentioned the Centipede keychain, but now we actually get to see photos as well as the new Joust and Robotron keychains. These photos are gorgeous, and I love the presentation in the custom packaging. (more…)