Arcade Projects

Wroooaaarrrr! Sinistar say, Get me Jacket.

Two months in the making it was a clear weekend for a drive, but winter has hit and it is hardly the ideal temperatures to be moving classic arcade games from one truck to another. I said goodbye to the Bloomington Tron, and brought back ‘Deathstar’, or should I say…Sinistar.

Sinistar wrapped in the truck


New King of the Castle? Warlords has arrived.

Friday I wrote that I finished re-stenciling another Ms. Pac-man, this time for another collector here in Illinois. Part of the exchange included a complete and supposedly working Warlords. (more…)

Adios Red Baron

I certainly didn’t think a working Red Baron would be such a hard sell, but I finally did find a buyer, this Red Baron is headed down to Alabama. (more…)

Traded empty Jamma cabinet for a complete Atari Xevious

Just before we left for the Pinball Expo 2009 in Chicago, I had seen a post on RGVAC for a guy in Lafayette Indiana who was wanting to trade a complete Xevious for a different empty cabinet. Three weeks later and some leg work, we finally made the trade. (more…)

The New Blue & Orange Burgertime DECO Cabinet

In August Chris stopped by and then left without taking his Burgertime DECO with him. Alright, I’ll keep it, but not in that big ugly woodgrain cabinet. As luck would have it, I left Saturday morning 6:30 to pick up a worthy replacement that will help that Burgertime fit right into my collection. (more…)

A new, refreshed Stern Frenzy

In June of 2007 I picked up a Frenzy at a local auction for a song, something like less than $30. I knew nothing of the game at the time, but playing it in Mame I could tell it wasn’t one I wanted so I traded it away. Since then it’s been traded to another collector and this time I think it’s finally getting the appreciate it deserves. (more…)

Picked up Tunnel Hunt & Red Baron for $40

I got lucky again. Last Wednesday night I sat down in front of the laptop to do something really quick, pulled up my feeds and a listing for a garage sale came up two minutes later. The listing said that there were a couple of arcade games that needed some work. I emailed asking which games they were, thinking surely it was a Final Fight and a bad X-Men conversion. I got an email back Thursday morning saying – Tunnel Hunt and Red Baron!!! (more…)