Sold my Pac-man. Heading back to Greenfield, IN

Slightly sad day I suppose. After a four months I finally sold my Pac-man today and funny enough, it’s headed back where it came – Greenfield, IN. It was my very first arcade game, but most collectors can related, eventually it comes down to space. (more…)

Pac-man back in downstairs living room

After I sold the R-Type today, I moved the historic Pac-man cabinet back into the main living room. I hope that in the next month I can work on it a little bit, installing the computer I have and finalizing the final details of my mame machine. It has been so long, what a nightmare. It would be nice to have it done by November, but who knows what the next few months hold.

Pac-man Marquee
Pac-man Mame machine – Conversion Notes

My Pac-man progress – Touchup and Mame

I bought my first Pac-man in Indianapolis in June of 2006 and I was working on some cosmetic issues on it nearly 6 months before I started blogging about arcade games. As a result, I didn’t write updates on all of the daily things I did to the cabinet, and I didn’t get to write about the decision to make the cabinet into a Mame machine.

I thought I would add some photos of the machine to date, talk a little bit about what I did and what I learned, and what is next to finalizing the never ending Mame Pac-man project. (more…)

Bought First Pac-man in Indianapolis, IN

Earlier in the month, actually June 1st, I bought my very first arcade machine – a beleaguered Pac-man. I had been looking for a Ms. Pac-man specifically, but found this instead at Wagner Gameworks. With some cabinet damage and some terrible attempts at touchup, this Pac-man was a great candidate to be taken out back and set on fire. Depending on how you look at it then, it was fortunate that I picked it up. (more…)