Pacman arcade game restoration – Part 1

Pacman is arguably the most popular and well known arcade game of all time. Most arcade collectors will own at least once over the course of their collecting days. For that reason, restoring any one of the cabinets (upright, cabaret or cocktail) is relatively easy. All of the parts exist and many have performed restorations in the past. But rarely do you see a restoration like this. This particular cabaret Pacman restoration will make your jaw hit the floor. This is part 1, and to whet your appetite, here is the final product.

Pac-man Cabaret Restoration


‘Avenging’ a converted Journey – Part 2

In part one, Jeff P. tracked down a Journey PCB, managed to troubleshoot it and get it working and put together a parts list to remake a harness for a Journey cabinet that any other collector would have considered a lost cause. In part 2, Jeff will finish up the final details, fabrication of the harness, setting up the tape deck and gathering the artwork so read on to find out how he did it all. (more…)

‘Avenging’ a converted Journey

This is the story of one man’s unwavering determination to convert a beleaguered Journey back to it’s original glory. A difficult task to say the least, finding parts and artwork to convert a Journey back is a near impossible task, but somehow Jeff P. has almost completely finished his restoration, and here’s how he did it. (more…)