Classic Arcade Games

Beautiful restored Track & Field Cocktail

In Sept. I was fortunate enough to pick up a small group of arcade games that included a Track & Field cocktail. For the majority of its life, this game has been in Indiana. Originally, the Track & Field was in an arcade in Lafayette IN, and the previous owner purchased it once it came off the floor keeping it in his own arcade for the last 20 years.

The game will be staying here in Indiana, here are some photos showing the excellent restoration work from the new owner. (more…)

Journey Sound Mod (Part 1)

This was some excellent content that was originally published on by Rich Lint. Rich Lint owns This Old Game, the best source to get quality reproduction artwork for classic arcade games. (more…)

Universal game row in the making

Over the last year, a number of regional groups on Facebook for arcade collecting have been gaining steam and are a becoming a great source for finding games, parts and making new connections. Occasionally monitoring Facebook over the last two months has led me to add three Universal arcade games to my collection. (more…)

Added an Italian Import to my collection

I should probably stop hanging out on Facebook – I keep coming across uncommon arcade games that I want to add to my collection. This time it was an Italian import manufactured by a company named Olympia. Any guesses? (more…)

What is a Bootleg Pac-man worth?

Pac-man was one of the most popular arcade games of all time, and a game that consistently made money in its heyday. Where there is money to be made, there are bootleggers. How do you tell if you own a bootleg Pac-man? If you were to sell the machine, how much would it be worth? This post will start to answer some of those questions. (more…)

Warrior – Converted into a Donkey Kong. Oy.

There just aren’t enough Warriors to go around, and sadly, it would appear as though there is one less. Here are some photos of a hideous Warrior cabinet converted to a Donkey Kong. (more…)

What is this Train / Locomotive Bootleg game?

I’ve already spent way too much of time my holiday time off doing arcade research. One area of research – Trying to identify the game of another white, illustrated artwork bootleg cabinet. This makes 4 distinct cabinets I’ve seen – check it out.

Railroad arcade game - Illustrated artwork