Food Fight

The Food Fight that got away

How badly did I want to own a Food Fight? Apparently bad enough to drive all the way from Indianapolis to the border of Georgia and Florida to pick one up this past December. I’ve always loved the Food Fight cabinet, but did not have an overwhelming desire to own the game. That was until one fateful email in May of 2010.

Food Fight Arcade Game Mason Ohio - Near Cincinnati - Photo Thumb


Value of NOS Mappy and Food Fight bezels

There have been a couple of auctions on eBay over the past two weeks that have gotten arcade game collectors attention. There were of course the two different classic Atari Computer Space games that both went for over $10,000, and there were also the NOS (new old stock) Bally Mappy and Atari Food Fight bezels that were found in an old operator’s warehouse in California. The final price of the Mappy bezel was $271.55 ($255+$16.55 shipping), and the Atari Food Fight was $277.05 ($260.55+$16.55 Shipping)! Wow! How can one brand new, mint condition piece of any arcade game bring so much coin? Well, let’s look at it a little bit.

Brand New Food Fight Bezel 4