Journey Sound Mod (Part 1)

This was some excellent content that was originally published on Coinopspace.com by Rich Lint. Rich Lint owns This Old Game, the best source to get quality reproduction artwork for classic arcade games. (more…)

Smokin’ – New photos of the Journey sideart reproduction progress

I had completely forgotten about the Journey sideart project, at least in a sense. I know with some guys up in the Chicago area and north interested in Journey, Jeff P. has created a user interest group to interact over at CoinOpSpace.com. I bet they’ll be thrilled to hear that the Journey sideart reproductions – digital print – are moving along and with amazing artistry. The whole piece is being reconstructed at the pixel level on top of the original scan. Check out the photo inside. (more…)

Bally Journey back from the dead

Well, maybe not quite back from the dead, but bringing back the artwork from oblivion. Rich at This Old Game sent me photos of his brand new Journey that he picked up Seattle. So many collectors covet this game, but there are only a few who are willing to pay the extra price when it isn’t local and make the sacrifice to actual add one to their arcade game collection. Rich went the extra mile, all the way to Seattle for this Craigslist find, but his pickup was hardly the HUO Journey that ZFCamaro picked up late last year. This Journey has black acrylic painted sides and needed some TLC. Fortunately, Rich is just the guy to give this machine some lovin. (more…)

Rare HUO Bally Journey on ebay!

Located in Channahon, IL, this “Home Use Only” Bally/Midway Journey is truly a rare find for someone, and that arcade collector will be more than eager to dole out a premium to snatch it up. From the different views of this classic game, it looks pristine. Here are the photos of the Journey arcade machine.

Midway Journey Angled ViewMidway Journey Front ViewMidway Journey Inside ViewMidway Journey Left ViewMidway Journey Right View

Here is the description about the Journey game that was posted by the seller;

Original Bally/Midway JOURNEY Arcade Game

-1982 Vintage

-Was won by wife at Journey concert in Chicago in 1982.

-Set up for home use.

-Have schematics and manuals for machine

-Everything powers up except for the screen

A pretty amazing but not surprising classic game to come up for sale. My perception of Chicago and surrounding cities in Illinois is that collectors will continue to find treasures throughout the city for years to come. With so many arcade game companies with operations in Chicago, I have to believe that there are machines out there that are yet to be found.

~Edit 4.11.08
Turns out ZF Camaro out in Maryland was the individual who won the Journey arcade game auction on ebay (Klov thread with much better photos), and it just arrived this week! Wow, almost five months later. That is a long time to wait for an any game, but when it is a Home Use Only collectible game like Journey, it is worth the wait.