Cinematronics Ripoff Sideart by Archer

Soon after the eBay auctions for the NOS arcade artwork from the PA warehouse ended there was a Klov thread asking which of the NOS arcade artwork pieces collectors would like to see reproduced. At least 6 said that they would be interested in buying a set of reproduction Ripoff sideart. This is interesting because back in 2002 Archer Maclean made inkjet reproductions of the Ripoff sideart, probably 20-30 pieces, and you would think that would have sucked up all demand. but it sounds like only a handful, some of which may have been used on his own machine and another set which may be in the hands of another collector, 2-3 sets and that is it.

However, the most interesting part of this is that when you do a general Google search you can’t find any mention of Archer’s Ripoff artwork. That got me investigating the ‘why not’, the science of indexing pdf’s / Ionpool’s website and I was left asking, why would Tom McClintock want to make it more difficult for a new collector to find the great resources at his website? (more…)