Star Wars

Star Wars cockpit marquee glass films

Just over a week and a half ago a Star Wars cockpit glass marquee sold on ebay for $182.50! Wow. Quite a bit of demand for an original piece of glass in great condition. With shipping that is over $200.00 for this one piece of artwork. Wonder if the winner saw my post about the Star Wars films and that eventually these pieces will be reproduced. (more…)

Photos of the Star Wars Cockpit artwork films

As I write a separate post on the Star Wars Yoke overlay, I figured I might be best served to break out these photos into a separate, short post.

All of the pieces of artwork for the coveted Atari cockpit are here inside and out, including the scaled down artwork for the side of the cabinet and the marquee backglass. I don’t see the piece for Darth Vader, the largest piece of artwork for the cockpit, but I’m sure it’s there. (more…)