The beauty of the flip – Tempest mini arcade game

Today I turned a heck of a deal. I found a lady local to Indianapolis who had a couple of games sitting in her garage. Her husband used to be an operator, but he passed away a couple of years ago. At that time, most all of the arcade and pinball machines he had were sold. But a Mr. Do! and Tempest remained.

I was lucky enough to come across this find, but I hadn’t ever heard of Tempest. I posted it on RGVAC to see what interest there was for a wood grain sided Tempest arcade game around the Indianapolis area. Offers came pouring in, and in the end I was able to pick up the game and flip it within an hour, and meet for the first time another local collector in the Indianapolis area.

The Tempest worked briefly when we plugged it in at the lady’s house. But when I arrived to sell it, and we plugged it in, smoke came pouring out of the back almost immediately. I hope that the other collector can get it working again, Tempest is a game he sought for quite some time somewhere in Indiana. An upright would have been better, but a mini at a good price would suffice.