Universal Mr Do

Different Mr. Do! Bezel Sizes

I was looking forward to today, a package was coming for me that contained not one but two of those character artwork Mr. Do! bezels that you can find on the rare white licensed version of the game. The price to ship is the same whether it was one or two, so I just bought both. However, I got a little bit of a surprise when I did some comparison. (more…)

Bootleg or Willis Mr. Do! Artwork

Got an email from a reader who has a Universal style Mr. Do! that he built from scratch! As I wait on photos from him for that cool project he also sent me photos of the artwork on the cabinet. The control panel artwork has some elements from the original Universal control panel, but is a bootleg and feels a lot like a Willis piece. (more…)

Mr. Do! Cocktail Conversion Artwork

Yesterday I was browsing for some Food Fight photos and came across this photo on another well known arcade collector’s website. Obviously a conversion as Mr. Do! did not come in a Midway style cabinet, this is probably the best looking Mr. Do! cocktail I have ever seen.

Mr. Do! Cocktail Arcade Game


Great Mr. Do! Cabinet Portland Craigslist

Wow, I totally missed this. A Mr. Do! on Craigslist in Portland on Sunday with an asking price of $50. It sold in 15 minutes obviously, but that seems really low especially for the condition the game appeared to be in from the photo.

$50 Mr. Do! on Craigslist Portland