Coinopspace.com races past 1,000 members in 10 months

When I first set out to create a space for arcade and pinball collectors to better share all types of content in a more friendly environment I was hoping to see 100 members in the first four months. By February of 2009, I was hoping for 1,000 members by the time of our one year anniversary in October. We raced right past 1,000 members and continue to grow. (more…)

Transcript from Jeff Kulczycki (Donkey Kong 2) chat at Coinopspace.com

Back in March Jeff Kulczycki stopped by Coinopspace for a live chat with arcade collectors and specifically Donkey Kong fans. Jeff Kulczycki spent about an hour and a half detailing his decisions during the development of D2K (Donkey Kong 2). It was interesting to hear Jeff talk about his passion for Donkey Kong, the decisions he made in preserving the original gameplay, and what games might be next for similar treatment with new levels.

Donkey Kong 2 Promo Banner


Alan Murphy live chat at Coinopspace – August 8th, 2009

Another in a series of live creator chats this year, Alan Murphy of classic gaming fame will be sitting down with collectors for an hour on Saturday August 8th to answer questions about their favorite games. Alan worked for Atari, was one of the developers on A.P.B. and many other games and has been interviewed several times including Scott West’s ‘Once Upon Atari’. Mark your calendars to pop by, and here is some more information about Alan’s career in the gaming industry. (more…)

King of Kong chat transcript now online at Coinopspace

Late late last night I was up following the Tigers game and took the opportunity to post the raw transcript from the Steve Wiebe chat from Coinopspace.com in April. (more…)

Warren Davis (Q*Bert) Creator Chat Coming Today!

The weeks before a chat never go as planned and this one was no different. Here Warren Davis, one of the creators of Q*Bert, is dropping by Coinopspace.com to have a chat with our members and I barely can find the time to write up an informational post. So, if you are reading this before the chat tomorrow, here are some articles and tid bits that might be interesting to guide the questions for discussion. (more…)

Transcript from Rusty Dawe chat at Coinopspace.com

Just this past month we had yet another arcade game legend stop by Coinopspace for a live chat with pinball and arcade enthusiasts alike. Russel ‘Rusty’ Dawe spent over two hours reminiscing and sharing some stories about his time at Atari. Over his ten year tenure, Rusty helped develop a whole slew of well known arcade games. A number of interesting items came out, like where to find easter eggs in a number of his games and the real story behind Firefox’s dubious appearance at the AMOA.

Russel 'Rusty' Dawe Live Chat at Coinopspace.com


Transcript from John Carpenter chat at Coinopspace.com

Back in the first week of May, pinball and arcade enthusiasts alike spent over an hour and a half chatting live with John Carpenter at Coinopspace.com. John used to work at Data East and helped develop a whole slew of well known pinball machines. A number of interesting items came out, like where most of the Michael Jordan pinballs machines landed and a rare variant of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

John Carpenter Live Chat at Coinopspace.com