Ported Squirrelcart shopping cart theme

Many times clients will come to me, having just purchased Squirrelcart’s ecommerce software needing an affordable but nice looking theme for their website launch. This time, the client already had a design on their static site that they needed implemented into the shopping cart. We can do that, and quick. (more…)

CHIRP – The Chipmunk Relocation Program T-Shirt

What the heck? What does this have to do with arcade? Not too much. Only in relationship. It just so happens the guy who works on my game boards has a bit of a thing for saving Chipmunks and releasing them back into the wild. Chris and I felt that this was too good of an opportunity to pass up – so we had shirts made for Chris’ annual Halloween arcade party. (more…)

New custom Squirrelcart theme for Replacement Glass

Finished up another piece of consulting web development work a week or two ago, another Squirrelcart e-commerce theme for a cool little niche online seller, Lampglass.nu – Replacement Glass Lamp Shades . (more…)

Squirrelcart Theme – Connector Distribution Corporation

About a month ago I finished up a new Squirrelcart theme contract. We started the project, completing the design phase, and then waited until the new release of Squirrelcart 3.0. The theme isn’t fancy, but simplistic with a touch of branding that can be expanded with growth. (more…)

New Space Invaders Website Design – Game Stencils.com

One of my long list of tasks to tackle between my semesters was to do a design for Brian at GameStencils.com. This is the kind of custom work I live for, someone that has seen my work, likes what I do and they kind of let me run with some ideas. I got some general suggestions like ‘Not too serious, think Mars Attacks but with Space Invaders”. In the end, it was less comical Mars Attacks and more “If Space Invaders were on Xbox Live, how might the game look?” (more…)