February 10, 2007

In the morning we were around the house doing different things. But Sarah had wanted to get down to Petsmart and get Kellogg some new toys because his chewing needed to be controlled a little bit more. He was starting to chew on the entertainment center, Sarah’s grade book, and anything within reach. We expected no less, and figured we should probably get him some serious toys to show him we care because a sock with newspaper in it is kind of the cheap man’s doggie toy.

We came home with a toy that we named his “freezie”. It was a plastic based toy that you ran through some water and put in the freezer. It’s a teething toy that would get a little crunchy and make noise which would in theory interest the dog. For me, the thing resembled a little voodoo doll with all of the sown colors and miscellaneous strands coming off this way and that. We got a second things of rawhides since he had started or eaten three this week and it seemed to be a fun treat to get him. We also debated about getting his name tag. People had told us you didn’t have to register him, but we still wanted it for other obvious reasons. There was a deal with a form where you could send away for it, and it was cheaper and had no bearing on anything else so that was the route we decided to go.

Kellogg loved the new toy, and carried it around. It was pretty huge in his mouth, most of it hanging out, but I knew eventually that wouldn’t be the case and we would be buying bigger and bigger toys.

February 9, 2007

Today when I came home from lunch I had a couple of surprises. The first was I found Kellogg had pushed his way around the right side of the box and the extended box flap to get behind his box and hang out. He didn’t make a mess, which was relieving. That is the whole point of the crate though, is he is not supposed to go potty in there at all. So when Sarah got home she put a spacer box in the open area in back so he didn’t have any leverage to push things around and get back there.

The second was we had two unexpected packages sitting on the front steps. I took them with me on my way back to the office, they were from “Aunt” Brenda, so I knew that they were going to be things for the dog.

When we got home we sat around, took some video, and unwrapped the packages with Kellogg. Brenda sent a cute card of a handful of puppies in a red rider wagon with their paws out. The inside contained well wishes for our new family member, saying she had sent along some stuff to get us started.

Inside we found, two things of treats, one bag of steak flavored and one box of Milkbones, doggie shampoo, a puppy kong and spray cheese, and for us a couple of t-shirts, mine saying “Cereal Killer” with a skull and two spoons, and Sarah’s saying “Made in Michigan”.

Sarah filled up the kong with cheese, and he chased it around some and licked the cheese on the outside, but it was too big for him to get his mouth around. I would have normally not been surprised, but he got his mouth around the tennis ball so I thought he might like this too. When I sat down and really rolled it around to get his attention, he seemed to get into it a little more.

Tonight was also a big night for a different reason, we were having guests. Kenny and Lori were coming over to hang out and meet the puppy. We had really wanted him to meet some other people, and we also really wanted to see what his interaction would be like with guests in the house.

It was not what either of us expected. When they got there he ran away from them right away, back into his crate as his safety zone and then when he ventured out a minute or two later when they weren’t watching, the moment they turned around he started to hide out under the end table. He nuzzled up right next to the couch and the wall, with his back to us like he intended somehow to squeeze into the tiny crack. He sat there, looking up the side of the couch and not at us. Yet another great photo opportunity. His other hiding spot was on top of the beanbag, again, facing away from us sitting on his favorite blanket, uninterested when Kenny got down on all fours to play with him.

It wasn’t until after dinner and we had ordered Kenny and Lori’s laptop that Kellogg started to warm up to them. We got a movie and hung out in the living room and he let Lori pet him a little bit, but it still took another hour or so until he warmed up to Kenny.

He slept a good portion of the night since we weren’t doing much anyway. I think we gave him something that upset his stomach, because he was laying with his head out from underneath the blanket that we were all underneath, and he was stinking us out. I sat there, started to sniff the air, and it was so ripe it was surprising such a smell could come from a little dog. I looked at Lori and asked, “Is that the dog?” She laughed and said “I think so”. I am glad she thought so, and didn’t assume that since I smelt it I dealt it.

February 8, 2007

Today Kellogg went for his first “walk”. This meant Sarah took him on his leash down half of the street running and calling to him most of the way. I think that he was pretty confused about what was supposed to happen. He wanted to follow, but why was there a long strand around his neck, and how long did we do this for? He has a pretty walk and run, his walk is a strong little trot and his run is tentative, I wonder what it will be like when he is older.

And to keep the firsts rolling, tonight was the first night that Kellogg whined at the back door, just a little bit, to go out and go potty. This was really encouraging. Sarah and I had discussed getting a little bell to hang back there, that we would hit for the sound as we went out to train him to do the same when he needed to go. But maybe he would let us know his own way all by himself. Again, what a smart little dog.

February 7, 2007

Exciting happenings in our puppy’s young life. Tonight Kellogg sat for his dinner and for some treats we gave him. We just think he is the smartest, sweetest puppy ever, only two days and he has sit down pat like an expert.

Nothing out of the normal as a whole though, just the regular routine like most of the week. When we got home, I would sit down and play with the dog as Sarah would work in the kitchen cleaning and getting dinner ready. Then we would eat with him in the kitchen and play with him afterwards. He is starting to expand his range of things he chews on, the most recent of things being his box in his cage, and a little bit of the cage itself. I don’t know how much longer the box will last. It isn’t in bad shape now, but in another couple of weeks with 8 hours at home he should be able to make some pretty significant holes.

February 6, 2007

As I had mentioned, for a least a week now he has been less than thrilled about us picking him up to take him out to do his business. But today was the first time that he climbed the steps on the back porch, both the ledge to the grass and the two steps, and made his own way back into the house like a grown dog.

But not too fast, he is still a puppy and is nipping at anything that moves in front of his face, pant legs, fingers, clothing. We have to be stern because although adorable right now, not a good habit to have when he is older.

February 5, 2007

Today was the first day at the new office, and I made it home to be with the dog in 8 minutes. Pretty fantastic.

Today when I was playing with him at lunch was the first time I noticed that he seemed to be getting bigger. It makes me really happy to know that because of us he is growing, we are nurturing a puppy to a large dog, and we get to be a part of the whole progression.

Tonight when we got home, Sarah started to work with him on doing different things like sitting, staying, and laying down. It was only a little while, but he seems to understand sitting pretty good so far in such a short time.

February 4, 2007

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and it was a big day for us since the Colts were playing against the Chicago Bears. We had some invites to go other places, but opted to stay home. I had traveled for each game, and was longing to be at the house, and having the puppy made it that much more inviting to spend time with him.

But I didn’t spend that much time with him, I worked for most of the day up and until the game. Sarah did though, the usual, she cuddled with him, took him out to go potty, etc. etc. It was a fairly nasty day, and he did a lot of squirming trying to get away, and then when we got him outside, he would stand next to or on our feet and whine as the brittle wind whipped through his frail body.

During game time, we both had our jerseys on, and he laid on Sarah in the beanbag. He was so cute, and we got quite a few good photos of him. (One of which we later got framed.) We did startle him a little bit, he would look up all surprised and excited when we would shout or cheer at the tv for what was going on.

It wasn’t the first time, but when Kellogg would get excited, he would respond to each of us. For me he tried to jump up on the couch to get me, and for Sarah he would try to eat her hair, twisting all around and nipping at it. Pretty cute stuff.