Three Stooges sold for big money on eBay

Three Stooges by Mylstar has a small breadth of interest from a subset of an already diminutive collecting base. But over the years it would seem as though it has done the opposite of most games and actually appreciated in value, reflected in the sale of one on eBay late last month. (more…)

Williams arcade test unit auction ending today on eBay

These test units sure don’t look like much, but if you are an arcade tech they sure can save you a lot of money to try to recreate from scratch. Currently this official test unit from Williams is at $200 with four hours left. How high will it go? (more…)

NIB Robotron Cocktail sells for $2,795!

I was going to write a post on this Robotron cocktail that came out of the Time Travel Warehouse, and guess that it may not sell for the asking price, but as I went back today to check on the auction it had ended and the game had indeed sold for nearly $3k! (more…)

Rare Nintendo 1978 Cocktail Othello Arcade Game

Just over a week ago a piece of arcade game history came up for sale on eBay in Chicago Illinois. A rare 1978 Computer Othello, Nintendo’s first arcade game, created some buzz in the blogosphere. But none of them had anything interesting to say other than “Doi, here it is, it’s overpriced.” (more…)

Atari testing station for sale on eBay

Yesterday I talked about a couple auctions of interest on eBay, multiple listings of NOS arcade artwork and that Adidas Tron jacket. Today it’s an original Atari test station that techs used to troubleshoot and repair game boards. Scott Evans is selling the item for $2,000, one of several pieces I am sure he has in storage from when he cleaned out the remnants of Atari. (more…)