Arcade Wordpress

“Kong Me Baby” – Free Donkey Kong WordPress Theme

After such a positive response to my Atari Command WordPress theme I thought it was about time to make a second arcade themed design, free for download. This time around, its a Donkey Kong WordPress theme, rich with features to use with the new WordPress 3.xx (more…)

Arcade Game Inspired WordPress Theme – BCPArcade.com

In the beginning of the year I had taken on a number of contract / freelance work developing wordpress and squirrelcart themes. This particular theme was a really basic setup, a custom header with an arcade inspiration and a basic layout for the sidebar. (more…)

New Space Invaders Website Design – Game Stencils.com

One of my long list of tasks to tackle between my semesters was to do a design for Brian at GameStencils.com. This is the kind of custom work I live for, someone that has seen my work, likes what I do and they kind of let me run with some ideas. I got some general suggestions like ‘Not too serious, think Mars Attacks but with Space Invaders”. In the end, it was less comical Mars Attacks and more “If Space Invaders were on Xbox Live, how might the game look?” (more…)

Custom Super Bug WordPress Theme

About two weeks ago I got an email through my website asking if I could customize my free arcade game WordPress theme – Atari Command. The individual was looking for me to use graphics from the classic game Super Bug in the header, just doing a simple swap with anything that was Missile Command related.

Short, easy, and well defined I just cranked this design project out really quick last week in a break from class work. (more…)

Updated Website – Tokens Only

Chris Moore and I had been talking, and now that he is sharing some great arcade information with some regularity on his Tokens Only arcade blog he was finding that there needed to be some changes from how he thought his website would be structured. Since his navigation is image based, that meant some changes to the buttons and I thought this a perfect time to do an update on the joystick that the original designer made some 2-3 years ago. (more…)

New Arcade WordPress Theme – RGVAC

Been waiting for this to drop, furiously tapping my leg. But tonight Brian updated his RGVAC arcade game website with a brand new theme that I designed. I was really happy with the way the layout turned out, it uses pieces of artwork from some of his favorite games. (more…)

Atari Command Free WordPress Theme

In late April 2008, I did a Donkey Kong themed WordPress layout with the intentions of making it into a free downloadable theme. However, as time passed, I realized that I didn’t want to give that theme away for free, so I attempted to make a more generic arcade game theme, on based on the games of Atari. (more…)