Arcade Blogs

Arcade Game Inspired WordPress Theme – BCPArcade.com

In the beginning of the year I had taken on a number of contract / freelance work developing wordpress and squirrelcart themes. This particular theme was a really basic setup, a custom header with an arcade inspiration and a basic layout for the sidebar. (more…)

Updated Website – Tokens Only

Chris Moore and I had been talking, and now that he is sharing some great arcade information with some regularity on his Tokens Only arcade blog he was finding that there needed to be some changes from how he thought his website would be structured. Since his navigation is image based, that meant some changes to the buttons and I thought this a perfect time to do an update on the joystick that the original designer made some 2-3 years ago. (more…)

New Arcade WordPress Theme – RGVAC

Been waiting for this to drop, furiously tapping my leg. But tonight Brian updated his RGVAC arcade game website with a brand new theme that I designed. I was really happy with the way the layout turned out, it uses pieces of artwork from some of his favorite games. (more…)

Reviewing classic arcade game blogs

I’ve mentioned a number of times, there are a ton of arcade collectors websites, but there aren’t that many of those websites that are arcade collecting ‘blogs’. Today I wanted to spotlight some of these arcade game blogs, tell you what is great about them and what about their content that keeps me coming back for more. (more…)

Wrap text around your arcade images

Wrapping text around the images in your arcade blog posts is really easy. Simple and to the point, here are some simple formatting tips for your arcade blog website that can help your images better support your copy visually without being a distraction. (more…)