Jr. Pac-man Registry

Found below is a registry for all owners of an original Jr. Pac-man (factory dedicated) arcade machine. These are owners who have a confirmed Jr. Pac-man, and not a Mappy conversion. One of the few ways to confirm this is that the original Jr. Pac-man sideart is still in tact.

Owners are listed with a confirmed date of when they last owned a Bally Jr. Pac-man. If there were as many as 500 arcade machines produced originally, I would guess that there are less that one fifth of that number left.

Time for the registry

Note: These are only machines with Jr. Pac-man sideart in tact in some condition. This also helps rule out collectors with Mappy conversions or reproductions. The sideart wasn’t sold separately, all Jr. Pac-man kits included small Jr. Pac-man stickers that were commonly placed on Super Pacman or regular Pacman machines.

* = No Sideart on this game.

Collector NameLast ConfirmedSerial No.Location
Roger TildenJune 2008140Arizona
Daryl Squires?140Fredericksburg, VA
Unknown (Sold by Gateway to Games Mechanicsville, VA)March 2013140New York?
Jeff RotheSept. 2007333Indiana
Kyle ReedFeb. 2015334Dresden, OH
Michael C.Oct. 2010336New Jersey
Michael Louie (3xchaos Klov)April 2008427California
Ebay Auction *
(Winner: 5oclock_somewhere
Seller: Laura Clark)
Nov. 2007454Orlando, Florida
Anthony PietrakMay 2008522Pennsylvania
Mike *Aug. 2007527Maryland
Scott SGBlade *Sept. 2009545Trafalgar, IN
Richard FordJune 2007632Pennsylvania
Richard SainSept. 2007665Illinois
(Identity Withheld)June 2007Michigan
Stephen BeallFeb. 2008694California
Jerry Cochran Jr.March 2015738Oklahoma
Jeff MayFeb. 2014781High Ridge, MO
Derek LittonEarly 2005Massachusetts
Adam FowlerFeb. 2009??

Final Note about Jr. Pac-man

As of this writing in early 2007, I haven’t found a site that has scanned or vectorized Jr. Pac-man sideart. As a matter of fact, Rotheblog probably talks more about Junior Pac-man than any other website currently in existence.

I am always searching for more history about this game. In particular, I’d like to find out who produced the sideart, and if that was an in house team or off site. If you have any interesting knowledge or trivia about Jr. Pac-man, drop me a line. I’d love to add it to this website.

You can either email me directly, or use my contact form to get in touch with information concerning your Jr. Pac-man machine.