Universal Magical Spot, with a nice midwest backstory

In August of 2017, a collector just outside of Cincinnati OH came across a complete Universal Magical Spot a couple of miles from his home. Here are some photos of the game and a little bit about its backstory.

Feeling Lucky! Picked up a Universal Galaxy Wars

I had some tremendous luck befall me the first week of December and picked up a complete, working Universal Galaxy Wars. Here’s the brief story of how the seller contacted me with a couple of photos.

Cool custom sideart for Tac Scan

A short post today. I’m a big fan of the Sega vector Tac Scan, but have never been impressed with the plain woodgrain converta-game cabinets. A collector in Virginia put together a custom Tac Scan cabaret including some cool custom sideart designed by another collector. Check it out.

Glak connection to Cumberland Farms

When I was researching Glak’s licensed Mr. Do! back in 2008, I came across Brian French. He had told me a story concerning Glak Mr. Do! machines showing up in Cumberland Farms stores on the east coast. Tonight, I’m sharing that story with a photo showing a Cumberland Farms serial number.

Mr. Do! licensed by Glak – Photos

If you’ve ever taken a look at Mr. Do! artwork, there are multiple versions of the marquee. One of those versions is yellow base / blue striped marquee with an illustrated Mr. Do! On one of the versions of this marquee, there is a notice about Glak’s license of Mr. Do! from Universal Co. Japan. Here are the photos.

Space Guerrilla and Moon Figther from Omni, Inc.

If you’ve followed my progression of collecting arcade games over the years, you’ll know that I have a fascination for those games and manufacturers who were not well known and their history has largely been lost over time. One of those companies, Rhode Island based Omni Video / Glak, has been particularly fascinating due to their sorted legal past and the notable lack of identifiable branding to connect the company to their own cabinets.

Well – That was until I picked up these two games out of Maryland. There is no mistaking that these are Omni cabinets. And yes, the spelling of Figther is intentional, more on that in a bit.

Beautiful restored Track & Field Cocktail

In Sept. I was fortunate enough to pick up a small group of arcade games that included a Track & Field cocktail. For the majority of its life, this game has been in Indiana. Originally, the Track & Field was in an arcade in Lafayette IN, and the previous owner purchased it once it came off the floor keeping it in his own arcade for the last 20 years.

The game will be staying here in Indiana, here are some photos showing the excellent restoration work from the new owner.