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Small Lot of 4 Games


Operator Raid - Parts For Sale

Operator Raid July 2014 - Marquees

Operator Raid July 2014 - Bezels

Control Panels + Parts for Sale

Williams Cyclone Pinball

Late 2012 - Arcade Items For Sale

Zionsville 17 Game Arcade Haul - Parts

Arcade Parts for Sale

Unknown PCBs

Special Force Pinball

Arcade Boardsets (PCBs)

Monticello Indiana - Arcade Operator Clean Out - March 2012

Game A Tron - Space Zap

Stars Pinball (Stern)

A complete, nice looking Stars pinball machine that has been home owned for about 15-20 years. Currently not working, but for sale in Indianapolis IN.
New World Pinball

By Spain's Playmatic, For Sale in Indianapolis Indiana.
Mellow Yellow Q*Bert - North Dakota

Recently posted for sale (Feb. 2010), a one of a kind machine in a small town.
Nearly HUO Taito Crazy Climber

Out of Ohio
Sega Out Run

Here is a Sega Out Run cocktail that is for sale locally here in Indianapolis. $350 OBO. Motivated seller, if you are at all interested do make an offer.
NIB Robotron Cocktail

From the Time Travel Warehouse, resold on eBay late Nov. 2009 for nearly $2,795
Small Warehouse Games

Pretty common stuff, some classic, some modern – Drive-In route.
HUO Pengo - Mike Doyle

Allied Leisure Hearts Spades Cocktail Pinball

A guy listed this on Craigslist for $35. For all I know, it was in amazing condition, but he set it outside the day prior, and even with a decent amount of cover, the bottom got soaked, ruining the cabinet.
Centuri Tunnel Hunt

Atari Red Baron

Data East's Tomahawk 777

Tremendously colorful cabinet, I'm a sucker for the full artwork coverage no matter the gameplay.
Illinois Pinball Warehouse Bloomington

Here are some photos taken by some friends from their trip to the Illinois Pinball warehouse as there was a 'parts' sale on all of Bally / Williams etc. pinball inventory.
3 Pinballs Machines on Craigslist

A Hyperball, Galaxy and Flight 2000
Bally Midway Pac-man Indianapolis

My Pac-man, was to be Pac-mame, for sale in Indianapolis
Robotron Prototype Number 2

Owned by former Midway employee, located in Illinois.
Pac-man & Space Invaders Deluxe

Two classics for sale in Indiana
Gottlieb Flying Carpet Pinball

Sega Frogger Arcade Game

St. Louis Super Auctions Nov. 2008

Pinball machines and arcade games up for sale at the Super Auctions coin-op auction, November 2008. A ton of classics that have not shown up in such force in awhile
USAmusements Arcade Auction Indianapolis 2008

Photos of all of the arcade games and pinball machines that were up for sale at the fall USAmusements auction that took place in Indianapolis October 2008
Pinball Expo Chicago 2008 - Super Auctions Arcade Prices

Here are a couple of the pinballs and all of the arcade games and prices they sold for at the Super Auctions this past weekend at the Pinball expo in Chicago.
Arcade Game Warehouse Raid

Over 250 Photos from Jason Fowler's famous arcade warehouse find in Missouri. Things didn't work out so smoothly, but we at least get a low resolution glimpse into the massive amount of games that were on site.
Jr. Pac-man High Scores

Screenshots of my Jr. Pac-man high score games on my home arcade machine
Stern's Dark Knight Pinball - Playfield Photos

Finally, after much anticipation, photos via Pinbalsales.com of the Dark Knight playfield from Stern's new Batman pinball.
Arcade Cabinets For Sale

4 arcade game cabinets for sale in the Indianapolis, IN area plus parts. Originally intended to be made into Mame machines, so there are computer monitors and other such pieces for that type of arcade build.
Willis Overlays

Laser Disc Arcade Games - Warehouse Buy

Photos of Space Ace x2, Thayer's Quest, Dragon's Lair and Firefox arcade games from QuarterArcade.com bulk buy May 2008
Ms. Pac-man Marquee - Early Reproduction

A Ms. Pac-man marquee reproduction made without Namco or Two-Bits involvement, possibly before the exclusive license was made formal around 2000. Beyond that, I don't have any more information about this Ms. Pac-man reproduction marquee in terms of who made it or how many there were.
Ms. Pac-man Stenciling - Part 1

Using Joymonkey's vinyl Ms. Pac-man stencils, this album will have photos showing the start to end process of repainting / stenciling a Ms. Pac-man arcade machine to it's original colorful glory.
NOS Arcade Game Artwork - Marquees, Cpanel Overlays, Sideart

More images from the PA QuarterArcade.com warehouse raid, NOS artwork, lots of Taito stuff, lots of rolls of sideart, good stuff!
Great Times Amusements

Right off Elmwood Ave. Great Times has a handful of pinball an classic arcade machines that would make it an appealing stop in for coin-op enthusiasts in Indianapolis, IN.
QuarterArcade.com Warehouse Buy - Pinballs

There are still warehouses with arcade games left in them! Or at least that is what this find will lead us to believe. 100 games in all, 35 pinballs. Here are some photos from inside the warehouse in PA.

All of these pinball machines are sold! Check out the comments for this gallery on Rotheblog for a link back to explain.

My Arcade Parts For Sale

Miscellaneous arcade game parts, pieces, and artwork that every arcade game collector just seems to accumulate. Some items have prices, some items I just want to sell so you can make an offer.
Spelman Barcade Party

Brad Spelman opened up his house and had about 30 people over to christen his new bar and play classic and modern games.
Williams Terminator 2 Pinball

Terminator 2 Pinball located at the Southern Plaza Laundry & Tan
Nintendo Vs. Super Mario Top Gun


Popeye machine I acquired in Northern Indianapolis
Jillian's Indianapolis

Multiple stories of entertainment, Jillian's also has an arcade on the second floor. A lot of the games are broken though….
Little Chief Pinball

Williams Little Chief Pinball. Was a HUO pinball, but it has a fair amount of cabinet scratching and dinging for a typical HUO unit.
Night Rider Pinball

Bally Night Rider Pinball. Was HUO, but is a little beat up for a typical HUO pinball.
Rothe Men at Tiger Fantasy Camp 2008

Dad and I went to Tigers Fantasy Camp from January 20-27, 2008. It was the 40th anniversary of the 1968 World Championship Tigers.
Two-Bits Ms. Pac-man Marquee

Brand new, gift from sister
NIB Pengo - Rick Ford

Jr. Pacman NOS Conversion Kit (for Super Pac-man)

Complete Jr. Pac-man conversion kit, owner by another collector. He's looking to sell, but he isn't giving it away:)
Atari's Food Fight

Empty cabinet, may keep it just for the artwork.
Ms. Pac-man For Sale

Mr. Ms. Pac-man Pinball

An individual selling his machine south of Indianapolis, IN for a touch higher than typical market value.
Arcades duing our Gatlinburg Vacation

Our first true "vacation" since our honeymoon!
Midway's Wizard Of Wor

Non working Wizard of Wor that I picked up for free in Bloomington, IN
Super Hero Museum

Now defunct:( Was a great museum for the comic related genre.
Stern's Spiderman Pinball

"Secret" Test Location – Real Time Sports – Elk Grove, Chicago
Nokes - Our Dog

Showing Nokes as he progressively grows from a puppy into an adult dog.
Dig Dug

Brought Back from Solid Black sides Land Sea and Air Squad Game.
Misc Arcade Stuff For Sale

By total chance I got connected with the wife of a former operator locally. Here is what arcade stuff she has left for sale.

Photos of our puppy Kellogg
Space Invaders Deluxe

HUO or mostly Space Invaders Deluxe I picked up for cheap in Chelsea, MI
First Ms. Pacman

Bought for a good deal in Columbus, IN
Varners Visit

The Varners came down the weekend of the US Amusements Auction, and then we met up later to do some wine tasting at Buck Creek
Nashville Arcade Game Purchases - September 2006

Photos of my bulk arcade game buy. I went down and met another collector at his storage unit and loaded up 8 games, including the whole point of the trip, a great looking Pengo!
First Pacman

On memorial day, I bought my very first embattled arcade machine Pac-man!
Konami Track and Field

Used, working Konami Track and Field. Sold Summer 2008 – was for sale in Greenwood, IN. Sideart has been removed at some time in the machine's life.
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Sundance Arcade Game

Found in an abandoned lodge named Little Sweden outside of Sonora, CA – Late July 2010.