Submit a story or idea!

I am always looking to make the arcade content on Rotheblog.com more interesting to my readers. So I am asking for your help.

Did you see a story that you really liked, and could go for another story of similar theme? Do you have suggestions for the types of stories I should be telling, or the type of arcade information I should be explaining? Do you have suggestions for the types of stories I shouldn’t even bother with?

So far it appears to me that there are two types of online collectors. Those who like to talk about anything and everything arcade related, raging debates over the smallest detail, and those who feel like what they have to say isn’t original and has been said a million times before. I, am somewhere in the middle. I try my best to not repost information from the arcade forums that I feel like a ton of collectors have seen, I try to come up with original ideas and original arcade content about a subject matter that only has history now.

I also believe that there are many different learning styles, and that half of the battle of finding the arcade information you are looking for is using the right search terms. Arcade information is highly segmented across the internet and hard to find, and when you find it, it is poorly written or written without visual examples. I believe any content that uses photos to explain repair ideas and restoration concepts is worthwhile, whether is may have been covered somewhere before. I try to write for the common man, just starting out in the hobby who knows nothing. Kind of like I was two years ago.

I want to hear your ideas, please email me. Either use the contact button up at the top of the page and write a short message in the form field, or email me directly at rothecreations@gmail.com.

I appreciate any feedback, and if you have a website will be more than happy to give you all the credit and linking your little digital universe can handle.