Troy Akey’s NIB Atari Football

It’s been just about a month since Troy Akey’s party in Chicago. Like everyone else, I was blown away by his collection of immaculate games. There was one game in particular that was most noteworthy to me, his NIB (New In Box) Atari Football. If you don’t already know, Troy got his Atari Football from that old abandoned Time Travel warehouse in Canada. (more…)

Pengo on Chicago Craigslist

Short post, can’t resist when one of my favorite games come up for sale nearby on Craigslist.

Best offer takes it – i have a 80s pengo machine by sega. i was told it needs a new transformer to make it work. perfect for someone who knows a little about repair. Selling for the top offer – please email me if you have questions.

Pengo in Chicago 1Pengo in Chicago 2Pengo in Chicago 3Pengo in Chicago 4