Colts vs. Panthers and Study Study

After church I got in a half hour of studying. Sarah made up some cookies, and we headed off the Christy’s house to watch the Colts game. We had been invited before, but hadn’t been able to attend. Lori and Kenny were going to be there, we’d have great snack food, and it would be a good time all around. They have a huge tv, something like 60″, so it was quite the upgrade from our house.

Colts won by quite a bit after a touch of a slow start.

When we got back, I did a small meeting with a freecycle person, played a little Jr. Pac-man, then got to studying. I studied right through until about 8:30 when I finally was finished with my two and a half hours for the day.

Didn’t do anything else for the rest of the night other than watch the second disc of Season 4 of Scrubs so I could return that as my last outstanding Blockbuster disc.